Optimised Opportunity Conversion

CONTEXT SETTING – some definitions
Innovation is a new or different THING
(process, physical feature, model, combination)
Entrepreneurship is a MINDSET
(culture, belief system, way of life)
Startups are the STRUCTURAL MEDIUM
used by Entreprenuers to convert innovation opportunities (aka ideas) from concept through to commercialisation (and beyond)

is a network of support and services that wraps itself around Entrepreneurs hoping to participate in and/or feed off the conversion process.

The first picture below shows the CONVERSION FUNNEL for a typical Innovation Ecosystem. Note the Commercialisation Barrier! Why is there is a barrier?

The TBH Accelerator Program draws from the deep experience of Facilitators who are also investors/entrepreneurs and commercialisation experts, who are respected for their integrity and directness when providing feedback. Thus the name TBH.

The picture below shows how the TBH Program is optimised from the “bottom up” and aligned with pulling opportunities through the “Commercialisation Barrier”

The TBH Accelerator Program – Founded by Dean Alle in 2009
Dean collaborates with “Expert Facilitators” around the world
Together they deliver the TBH Program

Thanks to Rachael Skyring who defines Collaborating as Co Lab Ratting