TBH Program – How it Works

6 Stages through the Opportunity Conversion Funnel (OCF)

  1. Accelerator Component – Market Validation
  2. Investment Plan or Investible Commercialisation Plan
  3. Execution of the Plan including Structuring
  4. Investment Pathways: Exposure, Roadshow
  5. Term Sheets & Close the Deal
  6. Investment Maintenance, Feedback, EXIT

In more detail

  1. Accelerator Component (1:many)
    Service the top and mid part of the funnel (OCF)
    For commercialisation opportunities/people with considerable needs we refer them back to Incubator/Accelerator programs better suited for their stage.
    For opportunities that are closer to investment ready or we think are coachable and can be fast tracked , we assist with our TBH accelerator.
  2. Investment Plan or Investible Commercialisation Plan – ICP (1:some)
    Stage 1 feeds into Stage 2. Working with the entrepreneur we build the ICP, this forms the main part of the TBH Accelerator commitment and the ICP feeds into whether the opportunities can be assessed for Investment
  3. Execution of the Plan (1:1)
    As the “opportunity conversion specialist”, TBH Facilitators provide oversight and credibility to the execution process, for example this would include setting up an Advisory Board and reviewing investment material/processes, structuring the company etc
  4. Investment Pathways: Roadshow (1:some)
    Investment Readiness
    Connect the entrepreneur with pitching opportunities around AU
  5. Term Sheets & Close the Deal (1:1)
    Provide a sounding board to assist the entrepreneur with the key aspects of closing an investment round
  6. Investment Maintenance and Feedback and EXIT (1:1)
    Set expectations and provide schedules regarding investor relationship management.
    Regular feedback/checking the entrepreneur is continuing to deliver outcomes that will enable the opportunity to achieve goals, for example, the next round of investment
    Strategy for and guiding the EXIT